Rev Jay - Overnight Low

Surely the true mark of shoddy writing is the misuse of scientific concepts well outside the domain in which they make sense. And so for today’s post, the idea I intend to butcher is that of the attractor.

Better people than I have tried to model music in quantifiable terms. For instance, these folksonomies that were all the rage a few years ago can be seen as an attempt to map genres to a body of work.

If we turn now to the emotional resonance of a given piece of music, then I contend that however you measure that, there are a number of attractors in that phase space that pull all music towards their own primal direction, sort of like meta-tropes. Well-known attractors include:

  • "Let’s get it on like fuckbunnies"
  • "Boo-Yah! We’re awesome!"
  • "Everything Hurts"
  • "Oh shitshitshitshit shit SHIT! Things are TENSE!"
  • And many more

Somewhere down that list, one would find an entry named “chill”. That’s right, just chill. And that entry would be perfectly illustrated by the clip above.